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For those who live in Miami, traveling to visit friends and family almost always involved a trip to the Miami International Airport. Conveniently located near downtown Miami on over 3,200 acres of land, it carries the reputation of being the second busiest airport in the United States for international travel! Boasting flights to almost every major US city as well as Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, this is the number one American airport for transporting international freight!


As you would expect, the Airport (MIA) is quite busy. There are a number of things to see and do here while you wait for your flight to be called, yet with all kinds of traveling, you want to be able to make the best use of your time. Not only is time important, you also want to be sure that you are properly prepared for all the various nuances that air travel requires. Below, you will find a list of some basic travel hacks that will make your visit to Miami International Airport safe, pleasant and convenient!

  1. Parking the Car

Before you even enter the airport, there is the question of what to do with your vehicle while you are on vacation. Some airports offer less than stellar parking accommodations; however, Miami International Airport parking is convenient, secure and fast! You have the option of utilizing short or long- term parking, depending on how long you will be away. There are shuttles available to bring you right to your terminal, or if you prefer, there are valet parking options available as well.  The rates are reasonable, and you can enjoy your vacation knowing that your vehicle is parked in a safe, secure area!

  1. Getting Through Security Quickly

As we mentioned above, MIA is a very large, very busy airport.  Thus, you will want to be sure that you arrive a full two hours before your flight time to ensure you have enough time to get through security and make it to your gate. There are a few tips that can make this process easier

  • Check into your flight the night before and print your boarding passes. This saves you an enormous amount of time, as all you will need to do is check your bags before proceeding to security.
  • Take anything that could cause a problem out of your carry- on bag for screening. This means not only obvious things like your laptop or other electronic devices, but things such as loose change, portable speakers and even candy can look suspicious under an X-ray and may require additional security measures, which will take more time.
  • Avoid wearing shirts with glitter on the front. These tend to trigger red flags during the body scan process, and again, it can slow you down.
  • Also avoid excessive jewelry and be sure to remove your belt, as these things can also trigger the metal detectors and cost you more time.


  1. Finding your Gate

Once you’ve made it through security, it’s time to relax, right? Yes, but there is one more step that you must take care of before setting out to enjoy what MIA has to offer its passengers. Even if you have plenty of time left before your departure, the first thing you want to do after getting through security is find your gate. This is usually printed on your boarding pass, but always compare it with the arrival/departure screen, as things can change at the last minute. Once you have determined which gate you are flying out of, and whether or not there are any delays, it is well worth the time to actually walk to that gate first before doing anything else. This not only orientates you with the location you will be trying to find later, it also gives you the chance to determine how far away you are from the gate while enjoying a meal, sipping on a cocktail or shopping. As always, be sure to pay close attention to the overhead announcements, and always arrive back at your gate at least ten minutes before the pre-set boarding time.


Once you have done all of these things, it is time to make the most of your visit to the Miami International Airport! Concourse D is nearly a mile long from one end to the other, so if this is where you are departing from, please be aware that there is a Skytrain available every three minutes to save your legs and feet! Every terminal at MIA is equipped with nursing suites for new mothers, as well as plentiful bathrooms, shops and a huge variety of places to eat and drink. While many people cringe at the thought of airport food, there are some absolutely spectacular restaurants to catch a more than satisfying meal before boarding your flight. You can certainly elect to indulge in some of the favorite fast food stand-by options, such as Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Subway and/or Quizznos, yet there are other places here to eat and drink that are absolutely mind blowing. Below is a list of some of the best restaurants and bars located in the Miami International Airport.

  1. Beaudevin: Located in Terminal D East. This is a bistro-style restaurant with an absolutely fabulous wine selection. The food here is gourmet level, yet the price is still reasonable.
  2. Budweiser Brewhouse: Located in Terminal H. This place is infamous for its Bloody Mary’s as well as its beer selection, though there is also a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers and other comfort food sure to please the palate!
  3. Bongos: Located in Terminal J. This is a spot to hit for some of the absolute best Cuban style food coupled with a refreshing mojito for the true Miami experience!
  4. Café Versailles: Located in Terminal F. This is another spot for enjoying some classic Cuban dishes, such as hot-pressed sandwiches and unbelievably delicious coffee!
  5. The Clover Irish Pub: Located in Terminal D West. Serving a delicious selection of traditional Irish pub fare and a wonderful option for breakfast as well!
  6. Heineken Bar: Located in Terminal H. This pub is named after the infamous brew of the same name, and not surprisingly, it is a favored spot to enjoy an ice cold beer and some delicious snacks before beginning your adventure!
  7. Samuel Adams: Located in Terminal E. This is a great spot to indulge in a classic brew before boarding your flight, complete with some delicious pub fare selections, such as burgers, hand cut French fries and innovative sandwiches.
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